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WIX filters

New range of WIX filters covering 16,000 tractor applications - available now for all major brands

As part of the Mann & Hummel group, WIX already supply filters to your favourite OEMs and their manufacturing excellence is recognised globally. Expertly engineered with longevity in mind, every WIX filter has been carefully considered to withstand thermal changes, allow for flexibility, prevent corrosive properties in synthetic oils and ensure high absorption rates for maximum effect.

Get to know WIX filters:

  • Manufacturer of filters for all major OEMs
  • 80 years of experience and renowned worldwide
  • Offering an extensive product range that cover all areas of the tractor
  • Leading innovation with their patented spin on filter – a ground-breaking and convenient solution widely used today
  • Laboratory controlled filter quality – more than 60 testing methods which meet required international standards
  • Global reach - established in 11 countries on 5 continents and sold in 80 countries

WIX also have quality management systems that meet ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard.

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WIX filters

Find the filter you’re looking for by selecting one the icons below. Or, scroll down to watch our useful website tips video, to find out how to use our Refine by Make/Model tool to find the exact filter for your needs. You can also take a look at how WIX products are expertly engineered to withstand tough conditions.