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Complete FEAD Kits - Complete Solution

Ensuring a comprehensive repair of the Front End Auxiliary Drive unit.

INA. The Engine Experts.

Individually Tailored
Includes all of the components neeeded to perform a lasting repair.

Time Gained
Quick and efficient as it is no longer necessary to perform time-consuming research into individual parts.

Customer Satisfaction
Eliminate the need for follow-up repairs with OE quality parts.

Components of the INA FEAD KIT:

  • Overrunning Alternator Pulley (OAP)
  • Tensioning Pulley
  • Multi-Ribbed Belt

The following components may also be included (depending on the specific vehicle):

  • Idler Pulley

What’s in the box?

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Over-Running Alternator Pulley
Ribbed V-Belt
Manufactured using wear-resistant synthetic EPDM rubber, tension elements made of polyester fibres and a noise damping coating.
Tensioners & pulleys are needed to maintain the necessary constant belt tension.

Buy Components Individually

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