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Block Components

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  • Piston

    S.40403 - Piston

    Piston Length = 107.71mm. Pin Ø31.75mm. Compression Height = 56.9mm. To Fit Bore Ø91.44mm. No. of Rings = 5.
  • Piston

    S.40404 - Piston

    Piston - 3.5 Bore - Five Rings - Flat Top Piston
  • Piston

    S.40405 - Piston

    Piston Length = 109.43mm. Chamber Depth = 18.26mm. Chamber Ø55.88mm. Pin Ø31.75mm. Compression Height = 61.74mm. To Fit Bore Ø90.83mm. No. of Rings = 5.
  • Piston

    S.40406 - Piston

    Piston Length = 109.24mm. Chamber Depth = 18.97mm. Chamber Ø59.82mm. Pin Ø31.75mm. Compression Height = 61.57mm. To Fit Bore Ø90.75mm. No. of Rings = 4.
  • Piston (Al-Fin Ring)

    S.57840 - Piston (Al-Fin Ring)

    Piston Length = 105.58mm. Chamber Depth = 20.35mm. Chamber Ø58.87mm. Pin Ø31.75mm. Compression Height = 60.35mm. To Fit Bore Ø99.31mm. No. of Rings = 4. Supercedes S.57507
  • Piston +0.020 (Al-Fin Ring)

    S.57838 - Piston +0.020 (Al-Fin Ring)

    Piston Length = 105.67mm. Chamber Depth = 20.39mm. Chamber Ø58.62mm. Pin Ø31.8mm. Compression Height = 60.3mm. To Fit Bore Ø100.36mm. No. of Rings = 4. Supercedes S.57513
  • Piston +0.040 (Al-Fin Ring)

    S.57839 - Piston +0.040 (Al-Fin Ring)

    Piston (+ 0.040") 31.75mm Pin - Four Rings - Height 105.68mm
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